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  • Companies Are Teaming Up to Promote Driverless Car Safety

    a car model, car accident lawyerThe “Let’s Talk Self-Driving” campaign, by Waymo, MADD, the National Safety Council and others, is designed to promote driverless car safety, mobility and other advantages to skeptical Americans. Through the campaign, it is hoped that concerns about safety, liability issues, and other challenges will be alleviated. […]

    How Does Speed Affect Casualty Rates In A Car Accident?

    speeding, car accidentThere are many factors that can contribute to car crashes, but one of the most common causes is speeding, which also results in a higher casualty rate. […]

    Las Vegas Strip Will Be Safer for Pedestrians

    las vegas strip, car accidentThe Las Vegas Strip will become safer for pedestrians with the installation of hundreds of steel bollards along unprotected segments of the sidewalk. The posts will be strong enough to stop a 15,000-pound vehicle at 50 mph. Approximately 3,200 feet of sidewalk will be protected in the initial phase of the project. […]

    Who’s Liable for Damages in a Ride Share Accident?

    passenger in ride share, car accidentRideshare drivers, not passengers or other drivers, face the greatest liability and financial risk in a car accident. A Las Vegas car accident lawyer often sees people who are injured in rideshare accidents while visiting the city. […]

    Types of Delayed Injuries Following a Car Accident

    man had a headache, car accidentVehicle accidents often result in injuries that are evident immediately, but occasionally they result in damages that don’t show up until later. Everyone reacts differently to car accidents, with some experiencing more mental trauma than physical trauma and vice versa. […]

    Moped Accidents Lead to New Proposed Bills

    a moped, car accidentThe high number of moped accidents has led Nevada lawmakers to consider a number of new laws to lower this number.

    Moped Accident Statistics

    Moped accidents continue to be a serious concern in Nevada. […]

    Las Vegas Ranks Low for Driver Safety

    A male driving at night, driver safetyRecently, Las Vegas ranked 144 out of 200 cities in the United States for driver safety. The recent report reveals that drivers in Las Vegas have a car accident every eight years and are an astounding 21 percent more likely to suffer a crash than the national average. […]

    “Minor” Car Accidents Are Serious

    A Car accident Crash

    “Minor” accidents, perhaps caused by inattention or carelessness, can still cause a great deal of pain and suffering. According to the National Highway Traffic Administration, over 2 million people are hurt each year in car accidents. More than 35,000 people were killed in 2015. Many victims lucky enough to survive face pain and suffering. A Las Vegas car accident lawyer can help protect victims rights after a crash.


    Buckling Up Properly Saves Children’s Lives

    Kid In Car Seat, Car AccidentNevada law requires that children be properly restrained, but many parents and caregivers are not buckling up their children. Experts recommend more rigorous guidelines than Nevada law necessitates, hoping to avoid more injuries and deaths. Over a hundred thousand children are injured each year in car accidents. Car accidents can cause injury or death even with proper restraints, and a Las Vegas car accident lawyer can help protect the rights of children when an accident does occur.


    Friends Don’t Let Friends Text and Drive

    A woman using phone while driving, car accidentTexting and hand-held cell phone use is illegal in Nevada.The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reported that in 2014, distracted drivers caused thousands of accidents across the nation.  In that year 3,179 people died in these accidents, and 431,000 others were hurt.  Ten percent of young drivers, age 15 to 19 years old, who were involved in a fatal crash were found to be driving while distracted.  Why is it so dangerous and what are the costs?