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  • Distressed Sales Explain Seriously Underwater Real Estate Pockets in LV

    a home for sale, short saleNevada has posted the highest share of seriously underwater properties at the end of the first quarter, 2017 due to a higher than average number of distressed sales during that period. The toll on Nevada housing came as a result of the market collapse in the years surrounding 2008. […]

    Detecting a Short Sale Scam

    scam on road signs, short saleFollowing the financial and housing crisis of 2008, scammers began to target those trying to complete a short sale on their homes and properties as a way of minimizing financial trouble. While there were less than 100,000 homes that were involved in a short sale during 2014, a significant reduction […]

    Do I Qualify for a Short Sale on My Home?

    For Sale Sign in Front of a house, short saleWhen hardships create financial difficulties for homeowners, a short sale can offer a viable solution. A short sale attorney can explain the advantages and disadvantages of a short sale, as well as other options that provide mortgage debt resolution.

    Short Sale Attorney

    Group of house icons with a sign sold on one of them

    Group of house icons with a sign sold on one of them

    Homeowners who sell their home through a short sale, get their principal balance reduced, or lose their home to a foreclosure may face tax consequences due to the cancellation of debt. However, there are ways to minimize, reduce, or avoid the tax consequences if you fall under certain categories. […]