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  • Who Covers Your Medical Bills After a Slip & Fall Accident?

    a personal info form, slip and fall lawyerThere are three basic forms of insurance that provide coverage after a slip and fall: (1) the injured party’s private insurance (usually through an employer); (2) the commercial liability policy of the premises in which the fall occurred; and (3) government insurance for individuals who do not have private insurance. Payments for medical treatments after a fall are not limited to the liability policy of the defending party but can be covered by any policy which extends coverage for the injuries sustained. […]

    Top 3 Highway Hazards

    a blowed out tire, car accident las vegasHighway hazards increase the likelihood that drivers will get into car accidents if said drivers aren’t aware of the hazard and how to appropriately respond to it. First, highways that are covered in water after a recent storm are slicker than usual due to two factors: (a) the water and (b) the oil that is lifted from the street by the water. […]

    Guide to Reporting Car Accidents to Insurance Companies

    a woman in a car accident, personal injury lawyerInsurance companies in Nevada require that motorists notify them when a crash occurs and there is property damage or injuries. Some people choose not to report accidents to insurers when there are no apparent injuries and the at-fault party is willing to pay out of pocket for property damage. […]

    How Injured BNSF Worker’s $3.5M Award Was Determined

    railroad workers, fela attorneyComparative negligence played a significant role in how a BNSF Railway worker’s final injury award was determined. Although the jury returned a verdict of over $7.1 million, the worker only received almost $3.5 million for injuries he suffered while working at a rail yard […]

    Do You Have Enough Car Insurance?

    car insurance, car accident attorney las vegasAdequate car insurance coverage is critical to protecting drivers and their families from financial catastrophes. Car insurance protects drivers from the financial exposure that results if the driver is involved in an accident. […]

    TBI: More Than Just a Bump on the Head

    man had a headache, personal injury lawyerBumps or jolts to the head can cause TBIs that disrupt the normal function of the brain and can result in long term or permanent disability. The symptoms of a traumatic brain injury can range from nausea or dizziness to more pressing issues like paralysis, numbness, or epilepsy. […]

    Cumulative Trauma on the Tracks

    railroad worker, fela attorneyCumulative trauma injuries accumulate over time and often result in severe injuries for railroad workers. Railroad workers operate in hostile environments where life-changing accidents are common, but cumulative stress injuries caused by repetitive motion, exposure to toxins, vibrations, loud noises, or sustained positions can be just as debilitating. […]

    Are You an Aggressive Driver?

    fast driving car, car accident attorney las vegasAccording to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, an aggressive driver is anyone who places his own interest or time demands above the safety of others on the road. […]

    Uber Lyft Accidents in Nevada

    passenger in ride share, personal injury lawyerRideshare companies like Uber and Lyft, carry liability insurance to cover their drivers, passengers, and third-parties in the event of an accident. However, there are different types of coverage depending on the facts of the accident. […]

    Railroad Workers at Risk: Arc Flash

    welder, fela attorneyArc flashes are a constant and potentially fatal threat to railroad workers. Arc flashes are concentrated bursts of energy that explode outward from electrical equipment. […]