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  • Second Mortgages Are Twice the Headache for Short Sales

    a home for sale, short saleWhen a second mortgage is held on a property, the release of the loan by two different entities is required, making the short sale process twice as difficult and twice as much work. Understanding the rights of each lender in a short sale can help homeowners make informed decisions throughout the process. […]

    Both Buyers and Sellers Can Benefit from Short Sales

    house for sale, short saleThough they are not always the right answer for buyers and sellers, short sales often provide a number of benefits. For some homeowners, short sales may be an option to avoid foreclosure. Foreclosures can severely damage […]

    Do Sellers Need An Attorney For A Short Sale?

    close up of an attorney, short saleLegal representation is recommended to manage residential short sales in Nevada. A short sale attorney can review all documents, advise the seller of their rights, obligations, and legal options, negotiate with lenders and help ensure that the sale is structured so clients avoid […]

    Short Sales Continue Despite Improved Economy

    house for sale, short saleUnderwater homeowners are continuing to put their houses up for short sale even though the economy has seen vast improvement since the big housing bubble burst. […]

    Is Buying a Short Sale Property a Good Investment?

    house for sale, short saleBuying a short sale property can be a good investment because the price is well below market value. The financially distressed seller is ready to get out of the property, and the lender is eager to get the money back that was loaned out on the sale. […]

    Distressed Sales Explain Seriously Underwater Real Estate Pockets in LV

    a home for sale, short saleNevada has posted the highest share of seriously underwater properties at the end of the first quarter, 2017 due to a higher than average number of distressed sales during that period. The toll on Nevada housing came as a result of the market collapse in the years surrounding 2008. […]

    Detecting a Short Sale Scam

    scam on road signs, short saleFollowing the financial and housing crisis of 2008, scammers began to target those trying to complete a short sale on their homes and properties as a way of minimizing financial trouble. While there were less than 100,000 homes that were involved in a short sale during 2014, a significant reduction […]

    Do I Qualify for a Short Sale on My Home?

    For Sale Sign in Front of a house, short saleWhen hardships create financial difficulties for homeowners, a short sale can offer a viable solution. A short sale attorney can explain the advantages and disadvantages of a short sale, as well as other options that provide mortgage debt resolution.

    Short Sale Attorney

    Group of house icons with a sign sold on one of them

    Group of house icons with a sign sold on one of them

    Homeowners who sell their home through a short sale, get their principal balance reduced, or lose their home to a foreclosure may face tax consequences due to the cancellation of debt. However, there are ways to minimize, reduce, or avoid the tax consequences if you fall under certain categories. […]