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    Under a mountain of debt and not sure what your options are? Consider bankruptcy and possibly eliminate your debt or repay a portion of your debt over a period of 3-5 years.

    Short Sale

    Underwater on your house and owe more than your house is worth? Consider a short sale to save your credit, save yourself from being sued in the future by your mortgage company, and save yourself from owing your lender hundreds of thousands of dollars (deficiency judgment).

    Loan Modification

    Want to stay in your home, but can’t afford your payments? We have been able to negotiate interest rate reductions, payment reductions, and principal reductions for our clients. See what options are available to you.


    Behind on your payments? Under water and owe more than what your home is worth? Did you get sued by your bank? Did you get a notice taped to your door? We are here to help and let you know what alternatives are available to you. In most cases, letting your home go into foreclosure is not the best option.

    Personal Injury

    Were you injured in an accident? Did someone run into your car and now claim that they are not at fault? Did you slip and fall at a business establishment? Is the insurance company giving you the run around and not wanting to pay for your loss wages, medical bills, and pain and suffering? Call us we can help fight for what is rightfully yours. We can help get your car fixed, medical bills paid, loss wages paid, and also attempt to get you compensation for pain and suffering.

    Debt Settlement

    Under a mountain of debt and not sure how to get out of it? Do you want to avoid bankruptcy, and settle with your creditors? We can help settle your credit card debt, business debt, payday loan debt, and mortgage foreclosure debt at a fraction of what you owe. Call us today to see how we can help you, get out of debt.
    Van and Associates Law Firm has helped many in the Las Vegas and Henderson community with foreclosure, tax relief, short salebankruptcydebt settlementloan modification, and personal injury.

    Please feel free to contact us today so that we may discuss the options that are available to you.

    Van and Associates Law Firm at 702-529-1011