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  • Why Hire an Attorney

    Why Hire an Attorney?

    An attorney can tell you what your legal options are, whereas a real estate agent cannot provide you with legal advice.  In some circumstances, you may be better off filing bankruptcy if you have a lot of debt besides your home (such as credit card and medical bills). Short selling a house may actually hurt you because you may need the house payment to bring down your income to qualify for a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. An attorney can tell you the ramifications if you foreclose and can tell you the collection laws and why you should not foreclose. An attorney can also tell you which assets are exempt from collection and what should and should not be listed on financials or what is exempt from collection if you get foreclosed on.

    An attorney can review your short sale approval letters and tell you if you are protected from future collection actions. An attorney may be better able to negotiate on your behalf to get a lower settlement amount, or to obtain a waiver of deficiency.

    Furthermore, you want someone to review your documents prior to submitting them. It is hard to undo something once it is submitted incorrectly. In addition, it can greatly impact the amount the Lender requests as settlement. Our law firm has the necessary staff to properly process your short sale, so you can always rest assured that your short sale is in good hands when you retain our law firm and use us for your Realtor, you are getting an experienced team on your side.

    Our law firm can give you your options and the difference between short saleprincipal reductionloan modification, foreclosure, and bankruptcy.

    In some cases, but not in all cases, a real estate agent may not have the sufficient time or help and resources to properly follow up on the progress on your short sale. Some real estate agents may have a staff, but please make sure you hire someone who can properly follow up on your short sale so the house does not go into foreclosure. God forbid your documents are not submitted in a timely manner and your house goes into foreclosure.

    Whether you are behind on your mortgage payments, or severely underwater, please give our law offices a call.

    This is a big financial decision, dealing with hundreds of thousands of dollars. You do not want any problems and you do not want your house foreclosed on or a deficiency hanging over your head. If you were going to get surgery, would you research the best doctor or do it yourself?

    Once you have received a Notice of Default, it is imperative that you quickly call us, because the time has started ticking with regards to when your property will be foreclosed upon.

    We will assist in the following:

    • Getting your Realtor’s commissions paid so you can save money in short selling your home, vacant land, or commercial property.
    • Attempting to get the deficiency waived, so the bank cannot come after you in the future.
    • We will attempt to get relocation money in your pocket.
    • Negotiating an acceptable settlement with you and the bank.
    • Assist you in saving negative equity.


    Click Here for examples of short sales we have done in the past!


    Van and Associates Law Firm has helped many in the Las Vegas and Henderson community with foreclosure, short salebankruptcydebt settlement, loan modification, and personal injury.

    Please feel free to contact us today so that we may discuss the options that are available to you.

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